Frequently Asked Questions

The Cowhide (and Kangaroo) leather options is perfect for road and track day use as they are supplied with CE approved armour inserts. The Standard leather option is generally low speed road touring and occasional usage.
Unfortunately we are unable to personally contact local courier depots due to logistics. However if you do need to arrange collection, please make this request directly to the courier when they contact you after the first delivery attempts have been made or from the missed delivery calling card. Contact us if you have trouble contacting the courier so that we may assist you to the best of our ability
We are a wholly online internet based setup therefore do not operate via a retail outlet, which allows us to keep our prices low. For sizing please follow our size guide or email us for personal guidance and advise on sizing and product assistance
We are closed to the general public. Our products are either warehouse stored or are supplied to order so are not on display at our administrative office address.
Yes if you chose the premium or Elite leather option then your leathers will come supplied with CE approved armour inserts as part of the deal, with up-gradable Armour insert options as seen here
No, if you have another design you would like to order please email all the details to [email protected]
Yes, we have professional designers to help bring your design to life! Our design service is free of charge and includes a 3D Mock-up of the artwork and as many changes as required to create your unique team wear, apparel or merchandise.
Yes, as long as the jacket and trouser chosen are ordered together as a 2 piece suit and (ideally) in the same size or no more than one size difference apart, then it will get both full connection length zip as well as an 8" universal connecting zip. For example you can match a (L) jacket to an (M, L or XL) trouser or visa versa to get a ¾ zip. However if you chose an (XL) Trouser with a (M) jacket, it will only get an 8" rear connecting zip. (note: some designs do not allow for mixed jacket and trouser sizes. This will be identifiable from the product description. Of course there are also 1 piece suits that do not have a connecting zip
When dirty, boots are best cleaned using a soapy damp sponge or cloth. Never clean the boots with strong cleaning agents or solvents, always use mild cleaning agents to prevent weakening the materials and affecting the colour and finish of the plastic. After cleaning, use a cloth to wipe away any surface water and then place the boots on their sides to dry naturally. Do not attempt to dry the boots using excessive heat. Finish with a specialist leather care product.
We will send you a 'In Production' notification within 72 hours of received payment which indicates your order is going through our system and is in progress either at the Factory or with courier